Thursday, 7 April 2011

We Need To Talk About Anton

Click on Post Title for link to Anton Henning's current show at Arndt in Berlin. Running to April 20th, perhaps NOCM's Berlin correspondents will give a face-to-face view of the work.

The artist came up recently in a conversation I was having with artist and painttube contributor Susan MacWilliam. Curious about his most recent work (it's also coming to The Talbot Rice in Edinburgh sometime in 2011 I've read) I went looking for images and information that can be found on the Arndt website- including a downloadable PDF interview and catalogue. Well.....the images below came to mind immediately- it's a bit like Paul Devlaux meets 'on the cusp of Orphism' Robert Delaunay, with Duchamp's Sixteen Miles of String thrown in for good measure. That is probably the point though....