Monday, 25 June 2012

Painting in 1939

NOCM, having taken note of 'Painting Today' by Tony Godfrey (see post 28th December 2010), presents here excerpts from the 1939 equivalent by, interestingly, Anthony Bertram (who lectured in Art History at Queen's University in Belfast.) It was remarked in above post that Sandro Chia was a notable omission from Godfrey's book, and it is striking to see Ferrucio Ferrazzi's presence in Bertram's as the example shown has strong associations with Chia's work. Amongst the many other examples of European modern artists now lost to history are an interesting Roger Chapelain-Midy (French) that bears a passing resemblance to John Currin's work, and a great work by the Soviet artist Nisson Shifrin that is not unlike a Dexter Dalwood.