Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rauschenburg talking

I just came across a short video clip of Robert Rauschenburg describing how he erased a DeKooning and also speaking about his own paintings. He seems to be sitting on top of a ladder for most of the time both literally and mentally but he does come out with some gems regarding his approach to painting. I particularly like his idea of the undefined "hole" between art and life.
Or the line "you begin with the possibilities of the material.... [long pause]... and then you let them do what the can do [smile]. So the artist is really almost a bystander while he's working."

The clip comes from a film made about the New York art scene in 1973, called "Painters Painting"

Then I came across a more recent clip from 1999 of an older mellower Robert Rauschenburg talking again about the erased DeKooning.